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NFL Possession Data





Note: Beginning fall 2022, we will be uploading in-season data for NHL, NBA, MLB, and college basketball on a bi-weekly basis, usually Monday and Friday mornings.


Welcome to KO Statsóa full-service sports statistical site geared toward real life handicappers, not fantasy leaguers. KO Stats makes it convenient for you to compile accurate and thorough data, freeing your time to maximize your plays and ultimately, your earnings.

Unlike the other services out there, when it comes to collecting data, KO Stats goes straight to the sourceóevery timeóto make sure our data is right.  Even the slightest mistakes in box scores over time can (and will) skew your results, and when you are a serious player, why take chances when you donít have to?

Also unlike other sites, we provide stats for ALL major sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, and college basketball. You decide how much or how little you want.


KO Stats provides information other services canít or wonít, just to name a few:

Baseball: we break up relief stats into long vs short

NFL: we provide possession data as well as the box score

College basketball: We always go to the official NCAA box score to get the facts.


When it comes to maximizing your play, we offer the following services seldom found elsewhere:

Median Lines Ė unlike others, we donít take lines from just one book!

Opening/closing lines

1 st half / 2nd half lines

Money lines: game, 1st half / 2nd half

Baseball: money lines, run lines, 1st 5 inning lines

Best of all, our data is fully compatible with any database or spreadsheet.

KO Stats is not a big box operation but it provides major league results. Donít waste your time and money on fluff sites with incorrect data. KO Stats is affordable, user friendly and guaranteed accurate.  If we ever do find something reported wrong, we always let you know!


Donít gamble with your money Ė

give yourself the KO Stats advantage!