NFL Possession Spec Sheet

(All archive stats back to 2002/03 season unless noted)


Name             Type        Description

Week               Numeric      Week number
                                Note: Playoffs given numbers 21-24 to keep
                                 them away from regular season games and leave
                                 and leave room in case of any added regular season
Date               Date         Date of game
Game	           	Text         Game ID (away team @ home team) for sorting purposes
Offense            Text         Offensive team
Defense            Text         Defensive team
PossNo             Numeric      Possession number for offensive team
QTR                Numeric      Quarter
Obtained           Text         How they got the ball
BegTime            Numeric      Time left in quarter at beginning of drive
Endtime            Numeric      Time left in quarter at end of drive
TOP                Numeric      Drive possession time
BegDrive           Numeric      Yard line they began drive(32=their own 32,
         68=their opponents 32)
Plays              Numeric      Plays in drive
YdsGain            Numeric      Yards gained on drive
YdsPen             Numeric      Penalty yards on drive( -5=5 net yards on them
                                 5=5 net yards on opponent)
NetYds             Numeric      YdsGain + YdsPen
FDowns             Numeric      First downs on drive
LastScr            Numeric      Last play scrimmage line
Result             Text         Result of drive