NFL Spec Sheet

(All archive stats back to Preseason 2001 unless noted)

(We also have a separate archive file with game lines and basic stats back to 1995)


Name             Type        Description

Week               Numeric  	Week number
                                 Note: Playoffs given numbers 21-24 to keep
                                 them away from regular season games and leave
                                 and leave room in case of any added regular 
					 season weeks.
Date               Date         Date of game
Time               Time         Gametime(all times Eastern)
Away               Text         Away team
Home               Text         Home team
Q1Awayscore        Numeric      Away team 1st quarter score
Q2Awayscore        Numeric      Away team 2nd quarter score
Q3Awayscore        Numeric      Away team 3rd quarter score
Q4Awayscore        Numeric      Away team 4th quarter score
OTAwayscore        Numeric      Away team overtime score
Q1Homescore        Numeric      Home team 1st quarter score
Q2Homescore        Numeric      Home team 2nd quarter score
Q3Homescore        Numeric      Home team 3rd quarter score
Q4Homescore        Numeric      Home team 4th quarter score
OTHomescore        Numeric      Home team overtime score
Awayscore          Numeric      Away team score
Homescore          Numeric      Home team score
Neutral            Logical 	True-Neutral site
Openspr            Numeric      Opening line
Opensprodds        Numeric      Opening line odds
Openfav            Text         Opening favorite(H-Home, A-Away, E-Pkem)
Opentot            Numeric      Opening total
Openhml            Numeric      Opening home team moneyline
Spread             Numeric      Closing line
Sprodds            Numeric      Closing line odds
Favored            Text         Closing favorite(see Openfav above)
Total              Numeric      Closing total
HomeML             Numeric      Closing home moneyline
Openh1Spr          Numeric      Opening 1st half line
Openh1Fav          Text         Opening 1st half favorite(see Openfav above)
Openh1Sprodds      Numeric      Opening 1st half line odds(+/- odds)
Openh1Tot          Numeric      Opening 1st half total
Openh1Totou        Text         Opening 1st half total odds lean(O-Over, U-under, 
                                 or blank)
Openh1Totodds      Numeric      Opening 1st half total odds(always -)
Openh1ML           Numeric      Opening 1st half home team moneyline   (08/30/2008)
Half1Spr           Numeric      Closing 1st half line
Half1Fav           Text         Closing 1st half favorite(see Openfav above)
Half1Sprodds       Numeric      Closing 1st half line odds(+/- odds)
Half1Tot           Numeric      Closing 1st half total
Half1Totou         Numeric      Closing 1st half total odds lean(O-Over, U-Under,
                                 or blank)
Half1Totodds       Numeric      Closing 1st half total odds(always -)
Half1HML           Numeric	Closing 1st half home team ML   (08/30/2008)
Half2Spr           Numeric      Closing 2nd half line   (09/05/2002)
Half2Fav           Text         Closing 2nd half fav(see Openfav above)  
Half2Sprodds       Numeric      Closing 2nd half line odds(+/- odds)   (09/05/2002)
Half2Tot           Numeric      Closing 2nd half total   (09/05/2002)
Half2Totou         Text         Closing 2nd half total odds lean(O-Over, U-Under, 
                                 or blank)   (09/05/2002)
Half2Totodds       Numeric      Closing 2nd half total odds(always -)  (09/05/2002)
Half2HML           Numeric	Closing 2nd half home team ML   (08/03/2008)
Conf               Logical 	True-Conf game, False-Non-Conf game
Div                Logical 	True-Division game, False-Non-Division game
Playoffs           Logical 	True-Playoffs, False-No playoff game
Desc               Text         Description, if applicable.  Used mainly for 
HFDowns            Numeric      Home teams first downs
AFDowns            Numeric      Away teams first downs
HRatt              Numeric      Home teams rushing attempts
ARatt              Numeric      Away teams rushing attempts
HRush              Numeric      Home teams rushing yards
ARush              Numeric      Away teams rushing yards
HPComp             Numeric      Home teams pass completions
APComp             Numeric      Away teams pass completions
HPatt              Numeric      Home teams pass attempts
APatt              Numeric      Away teams pass attempts
HPass              Numeric      Home teams passing yards
APass              Numeric      Away teams passing yards
HInt               Numeric      Home teams interceptions against
AInt               Numeric      Away teams interceptions against
HPen               Numeric      Home teams penalties
HPenyds            Numeric      Home teams penalty yards
APen               Numeric      Away teams penalties
APenyds            Numeric      Away teams penalty yards
HFum               Numeric      Home teams total fumbles
HFumLost           Numeric      Home teams fumbles lost
AFum               Numeric      Away teams total fumbles
AFumLost           Numeric      Away teams fumbles lost
HSack              Numeric      Home teams sacks against
HSackyds           Numeric      Home teams sack yards lost
ASack              Numeric      Away teams sacks against
ASackyds           Numeric      Away teams sack yards lost
HTime              Numeric      Home teams time of possession
ATime              Numeric      Away teams time of possesion
HPuntRet           Numeric      Home teams punt returns
HPuntRetyds        Numeric      Home teams punt return yards
APuntRet           Numeric      Away teams punt returns
APuntRetyds        Numeric      Away teams punt return yards
HIntRet            Numeric      Home teams interceptions
HIntRetyds         Numeric      Home teams interception return yards
AIntRet            Numeric      Away teams interceptions
AIntRetyds         Numeric      Away teams interception return yards
HKoRet             Numeric      Home teams kick off returns
HKoRetyds          Numeric      Home teams kick off return yards
AKoRet             Numeric      Away teams kick off returns
AKoRetyds          Numeric      Away teams kick off return yards
H3Downc            Numeric      Home teams 3rd down conversions
H3Downa            Numeric      Home teams 3rd down attempts
A3Downc            Numeric      Away teams 3rd down conversions
A3Downa            Numeric      Away teams 3rd down attempts
H4Downc            Numeric      Home teams 4th down conversions
H4Downa            Numeric      Home teams 4th down attempts
A4Downc            Numeric      Away teams 4th down conversions
A4Downa            Numeric      Away teams 4th down attempts
HQBRating          Numeric      Home teams QB rating
AQBRating          Numeric      Away teams QB rating
HPunt              Numeric      Home teams punts
HPuntyds           Numeric      Home teams punting yards
HPuntin20          Numeric      Home teams punts inside the 20
HPunttb            Numeric      Home teams touchback punts
APunt              Numeric      Away teams punts
APuntyds           Numeric      Away teams punting yards
APuntin20          Numeric      Away teams punts inside the 20
APunttb            Numeric      Away teams touchback punts
HFG20A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts <=29 yds
HFG20M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made <= 29 yds
HFG30A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 30-39 yds
HFG30M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 30-30 yds
HFG40A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 40-49 yds
HFG40M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 40-49 yds
HFG50A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 50+ yds
HFG50M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 50+ yds
AFG20A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts <=29 yds
AFG20M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made <= 29 yds
AFG30A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 30-39 yds
AFG30M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 30-39 yds
AFG40A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 40-49 yds
AFG40M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 40-49 yds
AFG50A             Numeric      Home teams FG attempts 50+ yds
AFG50M             Numeric      Home teams FG’s made 50+ yds
HEPM               Numeric      Home teams extra point’s made
HEPA               Numeric      Home teams extra point’s attempted
AEPM               Numeric      Away teams extra point’s made
AEPA               Numeric      Away teams extra point’s attempted
HWin               Numeric      Home team wins
HLoss              Numeric      Home team losses
HTie               Numeric	Home team ties
AWin               Numeric      Away team wins
ALoss              Numeric      Away team losses
ATie               Numeric	Away team ties
Temp               Numeric      Temperature at gametime
Cond               Text         Conditions at gametime
                                 S-Sunny, MS-Mostly sunny, PS-Party Sunny
                                 CL-Cloudy, MC-Mostly Cloudy, PC-Partly Cloudy
                                 CR-Clear, RA-Rain, SN-Snow, LS-Light snow
                                 DR-Drizzle, HA-Hazy/Fog
Wind               Numeric      Wind at gametime
Dir                Text         Wind direction (directional, V-Variable)
                                 (Note: G at end means gusty, winds gusting higher
					 than Wind field)
Hum                Numeric      Humidity at gametime
Outdoor            Logical 	True-Outdoor, False-Indoors
Surface            Text         Playing surface
                                 G-Grass, FT-Field turf, MT-Momentum turf,
                                 AP-Astroplay, A-Astroturf(none of the above)
CoinToss           Text         H-Home team won toss, A-Away team won toss
					(08/03/2008, since the rule change)
CoinDec            Text         R-Received kick, D-Deferred to the 2nd half
					(08/03/2008, since the rule change)